MC Physics: Model of a Real  Photon 

MC Physics finds that we live in a CHARGED UNIVERSE. Our Universe is charged because all matter is made of quantized charges, called 'mono-charges' or 'monocharges'. All forces result from interactions between those charges (Force Unification paper).  It is not an ‘electric’ Universe as that is too narrow a charge strength definition to describe all known matter, their properties and behavior, and all forces.  We now live in a (mostly) charge neutral Universe because those mono-charges were progressively ‘driven’ by attraction charge forces, over time and a cooling Universe, to become overall charge neutral. 

MC Physics proposes that a set of earliest Universe Quantization and Kinetic Energy events (collectively called “Big Bang”?) first split basic neutral CHARGE into two equal charge types (positive and negative, by convention), then it caused an uneven (or statistically skewed) charge strength distribution of those two charge types, which formed all mono-charges. Those events then forcibly repelled all mono-charges at high velocity, causing a very high kinetic energy initial Universe.

Those highly kinetic quantized mono-charges, each now with a singular charge strength of both charge types, caused all force interactions, applied forces and subsequent physical reactions in the Universe, as all forces are caused by interactions between mono-charges. Those mono-charges used those charge forces to ultimately form all matter in the Universe using the F-SCoTt processes described in this theory.  

The strongest evidence of mono-charge existence comes from MC Physics’ physical model of a real elemental photon particle and YouTube Video the simplest physical entity in the Universe. No other real physical model is known to exist to explain all the properties of light/ radiation photons. Additional evidence of mono-charges comes from the continuity and repeatability of the ‘flipping/ rotating’ step to form alternating mono-charge type structures theorized for: mono-charges directly joining other mono-charges to form elemental particles; elemental quark particles directly joining other quarks to form composite protons; protons directly joining other protons to form nuclei; nuclei directly joining electron charges to form neutral atoms, and atoms directly joining other atoms to form molecules, etc.

MC Physics’ theory of Matter Formation and Force Unification using those mono-charges are divided into 7 sections (Mono-Charge Basics; Charge Force Laws; Properties of Existing Matter ; F-SCoTt Process of Matter Formation; Initial Quantization and Kinetic Energy Events; Universe Time Line of Matter Formation; and New Standard Model of Matter- linked below) of the viXra paper, on multiple Quora Blogs and this website in the page links below:

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