Force Unification using Mono-Charges

Mono-charges were quantized/ created in the initial Universe. They were given charge strengths of either charge type. Charge interactions between 2 mono-charges cause charge forces to be generated and applied on those mono-charges, per a modified Newton-Coulomb Charge Force Law and Rules. Those mono-charges then react to that applied force  per a modified Newton reaction law.  The basis of Force Unification using mono-charges comes from: 

MC Physics- Fundamental Force Unification using Mono-Charges” viXra paper and abstract, with supplemental vixra paper;

MC Physics Quora General Universe Theory blog; 

“MC Physics: Our Charged Universe- Matter Formation” viXra paper  and abstract; 

“MC Physics- Model of a Real Photon with Structure and Mass” viXra paper and   abstract; 

“MC Physics Model of Sub-Atomic Particles using Mono-Charges” viXra paper and abstract.

Above direct mono-charges forces making all elemental particles, all forces are NET forces between all mono-charge in matter.  Charge force is always generated, projected and applied due to interactions between two mono-charges (asw modified by relativity), per a modified Newton-Coulomb Charge Force Law and Rules of:

                     F=C1*C2/R^Z ,    if both charges have the same strength and static     

                     F= C1/R^z1 * C2/R^z2,iiif the mono-charges have different strength and velocities. Note that inherent intrinsic inertial mass is directly proportional to charge strength.

Applied charge forces cause acceleration, a, reactions on both/each mono-charge in the interaction, generation and application process per a modified Newton Law of:

                     a = F / Mass =  F / Charge Strength

As reported in those papers, the currently identified 5 forces are directly charge force or are derived from charge force as:

static electric force is directly charge force generated and applied between two quantized mono-charges. Such static forces follow a 3D projection, with z=2;

moving electric force is directly charge force generated and applied between two moving, even relativistically moving, mono-charges. Such forces follow a projected surface between a static 3D with z=2+ to a compressed fully relativistic 2D (expanded reach perpendicular to direction of travel) with z=1. One component  with magnetic force of EMF.

magnetic force is induced from moving mono-charges or their projected charge forces. Magnetic forces are projected perpendicular to the electric field and the direction of travel. One component with moving electric force of EMF.

Nuclear Strong  and Weak forces are directly charge forces, modified by charge strength, distance, z exponent and interference from external forces. This is key to matter formation with strong mono-charges, as in protons and nuclei.  

Gravity force is the NET difference between ALL generated attraction forces and ALL generated repulsion forces between the mono-charges in 2 bodies.  The force difference (advantage to attraction force) is due to the initial uneven charge strength distribution quantization event and the resulting structure of all matter.