Force Unification by MC Physics

MC Physics theorizes that all Force in the Universe comes only from and between Electro-Static Charges. Charges are quantized but Force is not quantized, except by the source Charge Strength. Force diminishes  when projected across 3 dimensional SPACE, per 1/r^2 (or spherical surface area dilution), following Coulomb's Law. That source CHARGE and the SPACE around it is modified by relativistic (V/Vt)^2 effects, where Vt is the relativistic inflection point that replaces c. The CHARGE increases with increased velocity and the SPACE surrounding it compresses in the dimension of travel ultimately into 2 dimensions for a 1/r force (circular) dilution, as seen in EMF.

MC Physics takes a more Newtonian understanding of the instant nature of force over distance.

The current "strong nuclear force" is the strongest force generated between the most direct contacted, direct contact (minimized r distance) of the 2 highest strength mono-charges (eg. in Up Quarks)  without any nearby force interference of other mono-charges. The current "weak nuclear force" is the result of many factors: lower strength mono-charges, or interference from other nearby mono-charges.

Magnetic force is generated by a CHARGE moving through SPACE-  linear, rotational or vibrational.

Gravitational force comes from the dual nature of mass (ie joined mono-charges of opposite types to form a balanced charged mass). Since all mono-charges generate charge force between them: opposite types-attract and like types-repel. However, in that grouping it can be seen that there is only one group of opposites-attract and two groups of likes-repel. It is proposed that each force group has an 'inefficiency' in its transactions and that this difference is the cause of gravity- the attraction force having a slight net stronger influence.