It is Postulated:

o   If a mass is charged, then the charge is relativistic increased/ decreased by acceleration/ velocity in the same proportion as its mass.

o   The existence of quanitized electro-static mono-charges (MCs) with a singular charge type (+ or -) and a specific electro-static strengths/ potential. 

o   That inherent charge type and strength exerts force on other MCs following Coulomb's Law of charge force interactions: Like-charges repel and opposite-charges attract each other; modified by distance (geometric spherical surface dilution).

o  Inertia comes from a mono-charge's electro-static strength/ potential in space, where2 joined MCs have "mass".

o  Opposite type mono-charges cannot merge into one MC in normal universe conditions.

o   Singular moving mono-charges generate/ induce magnetic mono-poles from its respective charge type and strength (deduced from the co-incident nature of the fields). 

o  MC magnetic poles exert force on other MC poles, following the same rules as for charges.

o  Only opposite charged type mono-charges form mass particles, which form all matter.

o   MC proof- Photons are made up of two opposite charged type mono-charges of (roughly) the same strength, therefore each travelling photonic MC is ½ the travelling mass of a full photon, or 1.5*10-27 eV/c(upper boundary) .

o The forces generated by mono-charges are the same as for mass particles- opposite types attract, same types oppose, strength decreased by 1/distance2

o   Joined photonic mono-charges begin linear movement and start rotating around and opposite each other due to external charge/ magnetic fields. Once joined, that rotation has an axis that is perpendicular to the direction the photons’ travel and its plane of rotation includes the photon’s linear travel vector.

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Photons: A High School Primer video postulates that the simplest entities in the Universe - photons- are mass particles that are made up of two rotating opposite charged mono-charges, of equal strength. It uses known light and general physics scientific facts (in the Light/ Photon page) and the following postulated Mono-Charge requirements..