STEF-SLUniverse Architecture or Structure

MC Physics' consideration of mono-charges in the Universe lead to a different understanding of the basic structure or architecture of the Universe.  The proposed structure and basic ELEMENTS of the Universe are:

     SPACE- 3 dimensional platform for events, possibly modified by relativity.

     TIME- progression of sequence of events, possibly modified by relativity.

     CHARGE - quantized CHARGE during the initial Quantization and Kinetic Energy Events created mono-charges (or monocharges) within the Universe. Mono-charges cause all reactionary force by interactions between themselves, and formed all matter in the Universe using those charge forces. Charge strengths are modified by relativity. 

     FORCE- charge force (strength and direction) is generated by interactions between quantized mono-charges per a modified Newton-Coulomb Charge Force Law of:        ........................ F=C1*C2/R^Z,

where C is charge strength of mono-charges, and  Z exponent is between 1-10, based on charge strengths and relativity).  That generated Force is applied on those mono-charges, per Newton's reaction:

........................F=m*a= (C1+C2)*a,

as modified by relativity. All applied forces are only reactionary. 

     SPIRIT - quantized as Life within the Universe. Possesses curosity, creativity, causing original actions (ie not just reactions) in the universe. 

Underlying the Universe's Laws of Charge Forces and Reactions is a braking mechanism, seen as Relativity. Mono-charges exist in SPACE through all TIME (ie they are conserved), but they are only modified by Relativity. Mono-charges travel at velocity (change in spatial location over a time differential) which causes relativistic effects to be applied on those mono-charges, (possibly) space, time and force. No mono-charge velocity change would occur except for a generated and applied FORCE, and that takes a minimum of 2 mono-charges. All inter-CHARGE FORCEs and their result actions are reactionary. Only quantized SPIRIT, Life, can cause original actions through force or charge.