MC Physics' consideration of mono-charges in the Universe lead to a different understanding of the basic Universe's structure.  The proposed structure of the basic ELEMENTS of the Universe is:

     SPACE- 3 dimensional platform for events, modifiec by relativity (velocity of charges)

     TIME- progression of sequence of events, modified by relativity (velocity of charges)

     CHARGE - dual nature of electro-static charge form all matter, cause all reactionary force, modified by relativity (velocity). Quantized into mono-charges

     FORCE- electrostatic charge force between each and all mono-charges, modified by distance across space and relativity (velocity)

     SPIRIT / Life- curosity, creativity, causing original actions (ie not reactions) in the universe. 

CHARGEs exist in SPACE through TIME (ie travels at velocity and affected by relativity) . It would not travel except for FORCE. All inter-CHARGE FORCEs and their result actions are reactionary. Only SPIRIT causes original actions and it does it through impacting CHARGE.

MC Physics consideration of Mono-Charges