Science is an ongoing competition for the best theories to understand and describe the Universe. The continuous next step of science is always to teach new generations of students and the public at large about our current understanding of the Universe. However, a serious discontinuity exists in current subatomic theoretical physics and this disconnect ripples across and limits all sciences. This page discusses the evidence of this discontinuity, why and when it occurred, and what can be done about it.


How is this Disconnect known, and what is the Evidence?

First evidence is in the lack of capability of knowledge transfer to the non-scientific community. If scientific knowledge cannot be transferred to (i.e. explained to and understood by) educated 18 year old high schoolers and the public at large, then there exists no basic and clear understanding of the subject by the scientists.


Classical Newtonian physics is taught to the majority of educated 18 year olds in high school and college. Newtonian physics and all theories up to the early 1900s were logically based on real physical process that were easily demonstrated. The mathematics, even basic calculus, are clear and can be connected to real measurements for good understanding by this group of eager students.


However, current physics theories (e.g. quantum mechanics, quantum field, quantum chromodynamics, general relativity and string theories) are mathematical based to fit experimental rest results. Note that mathematics is not understanding. None of the mathematical theories cover all particles and forces in Nature, they each have their own narrow range of applicability and they cannot be unified together. They each describe real test results (measured particles and matter) in words that defy description (see next section) and with no connection to that real physical process.


Therefore, none of the current mathematical based theories are or can be taught to and understood by this 18 year old group, instead normally only at a Masters or PhD levels. This disconnected knowledge transfer occurs when relativity and sub-atomic particles are introduced and described, by the current theories, but not for classical physics.


Second evidence is in the continuous growing particle zoo required to fit current mathematical theories. Current theories, given in the Standard Model, now require a zoo of illogical, ill-defined and ill-described (color and colorless, spin and iso-spin, virtual, anti-, dark energy and matter, mass-less bosons affected by gravity, etc.… ) particles and physical entities.  New particles and concepts are continually added to this filled zoo for the mathematical models to fit the evidence.  The description of the Universe as ‘weird’ is often invoked, as is the need for matter disappearing into and reappearing out of ‘nothing’ or a ‘field’, to interpret experimental results.


Those theories are not unified with all particles and forces AND they are limited in range, scope and application within the Universe (i.e. not continuous, or no continuity). No wonder the public is confused about physics. Nature is clear, simple and continuous. Nature is not weird, but it is our understanding of Nature (i.e. science) that is lacking, or weird The fault of this disconnect lies not with the students, public or with experimental physicists (who labor under strange assumptions and interpretations), but with the theoretical mathematician-physicists and the physics community leadership that has allowed this lazy science of duality to continue for almost 100 years.


Why and When did this Disconnect Occur?

MC Physics suggests that this scientific disconnect started with the scientific community’s acceptance or acquiescence of particle-wave duality of light and all radiation concept, almost 100 years ago, in the mid- 1920s. Methods were not found to incorporate relativistic concepts with classical Newtonian physics. In 1924, Louis-Victor de Broglie settled the raging argument between particle and wave advocates by claiming that ‘all matter had both wave-particle duality’.


Why this decision was then so narrowly and strictly applied to photons and subatomic particles is unknown, but mathematical explanations of real science prevailed since then and until today.  Using unproven and bizarre assumptions against real data (massless bosons with duality, force application limited to c) interpretations of experimental results have needed mathematical gymnastics, virtual and phantom particles, magic, mystery, ‘matter appearing out of nothing’ or out of an excited nebulous ‘field’.


Such explanations immediately should remind everyone of the ‘rabbit in the hat magic trick’…..the reality is that the rabbit was already in the hat! It is time to get real with subatomic physics.


What can be done to return  SubAtomic Physics to Reality?

Require that the assumptions (massless, electromagnetic carrier wave, force application limited to c, etc…) required of photons be confirmed by real experiments, not just mathematics. Currently, the burden of proof is put on pre-1925 thinking not the current theories.


MC Physics begins the process to get subatomic physics back to real physically grounded science to obtain a real understanding of the real physical mechanisms and processes seen in nature. MC Physics understands that mathematics is only a tool of all sciences and does not provide an understanding. Only measured properties of real physical entities are utilized in the formulation of MC Physics’ theories, which also requires that all real physical entities and all processes must have continuity from subatomic to cosmic expanses, across all charge strengths and both types, from beginning to current times, and across all dimensions of space.


MC Physics postulates, and that theory requires, the existence of mono-charges in the Universe, i.e. quantized charge strengths of both charge types, to cause all force (as all force is charge interactions in nature) and to form/ formed all matter in the Universe using those forces, per  Quora blog   MC Physics General Universe Theory  and in viXra papers

 “MC Physics: Our Charged Universe- Matter Formation”  and its abstract


The strongest evidence of mono-charge existence is in MC Physics’ physical model of real photons at “MC Physics- Model of a Real Photon with Structure and Mass”, which is the ONLY physical model of real photons in the scientific community that provides ALL the properties of photons, including those showing affects by gravity and EMF.


Some of the clarity of experimental data that is possible by MC Physics theories can be seen by comparing current theories to {MC Physics interpretations}:

   · both Beta Decays { MC Physics- most likely near large nuclei, both are KE induced vibrational emission/ absorptions of mono-charges};

   · electron:positron particle production {MC Physics- KE vibrational induced emissions from neutrons};

    · double slit experiments {MC Physics- kinetic induced mono-charge saturations};

    ·  all light scattering {MC Physics- mono-charge force interactions};

    · God-awful Higgs boson giving mass to everything but photons {MC Physics- temporary, unstable ‘detrital’ mono-charge joinings from the high kinetic particle collision at CERN, giving no mass to anything as mass comes from charge strength}.

    · photon waves {MC Physics- real particles made of relativistically impacted mono-charges that project alternating / oscillating charge and magnetic forces as they travel at c}.