Where Physics Detoured ......

Science was always a process of learning from actual physical processes in nature. Mathematics was developed to describe and model those processes. From that model, math can then estimate or predict inside of and outside of that real known basis. Math cannot be the science unto itself. However that has now happened. A brief history:

1687- Newton studied nature and developed some new physical relationships that fit what he found in nature. He then developed new mathematical tools (calculus) to describe those physical relationships. Those tools worked extremely well until relativisitic effects were needed.

1865- Maxwell took prior studies of light / radiation and found a physical relationship between magnetics and electronics. He then developed new mathematical tools to fit those physical laws found in nature. Maxwells EMF equations have worked very well since then, even extending to frequencies not envisioned in Maxwell's era.

1905- Einstein postulated the physical quanta behavior of light, but did not take that logic further. He then postulated using logic only, the very real velocity based behavior of matter and time- called Special Relativity.

1915- Einstein then was pressed to develop new mathematics tools/ set of equations to describe this relativity, similar to the successful Maxwell Equations, called General Relativity (GR). GR has been successful in predicting some physical phenomenon. 

Research and experimental scientists have continued to study the universe, including atoms and sub-atomic particles- and we have learned much. However, in about 1925 certain assumptions about the universe were madewithout supporting evidence:

1) speed limit of the universe for everything (even actions) was limited to the speed of light; and

2) relativity based on the speed of light.

Both assumptions were fatally flawed and has caused the extreme non-reality science found today, including virtual particles, bosons, string theory and multiverse theory. Math then formally replaced actual science in theoretical physics, resulting in a Standard Model dead end. The basic fallacy that started this progression is that the relativistic limit (universal speed limit) is exactly the speed of light, c.  This has required the  unrealistic duplicity concept of photons and their unrealistic treatment in physics. MC Physics shows this to be impossible based on a real physical photon model and how that follows into all matter and forces.  

The understanding and application of MC Physics rewinds theoretical physics back to about 1915-1925, following more Newtonian force considerations as modified by relativity. It keeps all experimental research results, with new intrepretations and conclusions. It extends the quanta theory of light/ photons into all matter and forces.